...packed with lots of work, discoveries - and fun!

Exploring Istanbul we identified more than 50 keywords to show the city from the viewpoints of people living there. In many encounters and interviews we tried to understand their specific needs, constraints, and opportunities - from within the very different contexts of their life and pursuits.
Please have a look at the PDF documentation (ca 12MB) of our workshop - and let us know your feedback and suggestions!

Collaborating with the Institute for Information Design Japan - IIDj, Istanbul Bilgi University's Graduate Program in Visual Communication Design - VCDMFA, has organized this series of international workshops.
Participants did have the opportunity to become familiar with DesignFactors - a structured method for assisting the modeling of design planning and developments, but also to improve design skills and professional experiences in a real-life project:
Discovering Istanbul from A-Z

The workshop's Keywords


Download the Workshop's poster as PDF, ca 640KB.